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Auto Insurance by Age Groups

Auto insurance and rates depend on many factors, but age groups are considered to be the most important and determining. Thus, the best decision here is to estimate all pros and cons in advance in order to have a simple vision of approximate sums.

Auto Insurance

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Compare rates on vehicle insurance by age groups & choose the best

The first category of people who would like to become insured is under 26 years old. They are known as not so experienced drivers; still, those who are close to this age may count on better rates than those who have just started driving at the of 16. According to stats, people under 26 y.o. get into accidents more often, what is also explained by their active, impulsive, and maybe a bit aggressive way of driving. Being in a studying age makes them feel like they want to try everything. As a result, they are not afraid of high speeds, some tricks on the road, and other manipulations that may seem dangerous for an older generation. An effective piece of advice here is to take some defensive driving courses in order to demonstrate that you take care of your safety and safety of your passengers.

Get cheaper rates on auto insurance by age groups

Drivers, whose age is between 26 and 50 years old, can rely on good rates. A decade of experience has a good impact on the driving, showing their experience. If they prefer to drive safe, have no tickets or violations, they will be offered good discounts for sure.

Those who are about 50-60 years will have the best rates since insurance providers believe that they are the safest drivers. They have a great experience, a calm manner of driving, and get into troubles rarer than others. Besides, they pay special attention to traffic laws and are seldom in a hurry. For instance, when you see a drunk driver, you can already foresee possible situations or results. When you know what to do exactly, you won’t be in panic, while most cases have shown that it was panic that provoked accidents and crashes.

According to statistical data, people over 60 suffer from declined reflexes, diseases, bad eyesight, and other health problems more often. They need more time to react on a sudden situation, but some accidents simply can’t allow this as they need correct actions right away. Nevertheless, these drivers prefer not to be in a hurry, drive slowly and cautiously. Some companies will still provide you with reasonable rates till the age of 73. That is the time period when it’s better to become a passenger.

Average Car Insurance Premiums by Age

Below you can see average auto insurance costs by age that show how much a typical driver from each category pays a year. Of course, this information is approximate and doesn’t mean to be the same for you, as well as for a whole year. Pay attention that the first number supposes liability car insurance cost, while the 2nd one – full coverage cost.

  • 16 years ‒ $2.4; $4.6.
  • 21 years ‒ $1.1; $2.2.
  • 30 years ‒ $715; $1.4.
  • 40 years ‒ $667; $1.3.
  • 55 years ‒ $622; $1.2.
  • 70 years ‒ $719; $1.4.

Money-Saving Strategies

Each category of drivers can look for some tips and strategies that will assist in paying less, not taking into account such important and permanent factor as age. Thus, we recommend you to take the following steps.

New drivers that are described above can apply for driving education in order to show seriousness and reliability. Another piece of advice – drive carefully, don’t be in a hurry, think twice before taking an action. Look through student discounts since they are presented in a great variety, for instance, a good student status in such companies like Progressive.

Seniors also have to be aware of some good strategies. To begin with, they’d better maintain a clean driving record. It may seem difficult when you just start driving, but with years your driving manner changes dramatically and usually to the better. Secondly, you can take a defensive driving course – it’s created not only for inexperienced drivers. People of senior ages may use it as a good basis for showing their wish to be skillful. Most insurers like Farmers, GEICO or Allstate appreciate it. Thirdly, you can use different providers online and make sure of these differences in rates yourself. Also, don’t forget that some of them render special terms for applying online. As for the companies, which prefer these tendencies, they are Esurance and Progressive. Besides, you can always change the primary driver if you think your age makes a big difference or you just take a car less often. There is no need to pay for a vehicle which stays in your garage and most insurance providers understand it. To add to it, thanks to special conditions and discounts for seniors, they can be charged less. They include, but are not limited to low-mileage, retired military member, mature driver discount, etc.

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