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Average Car Insurance Rates

It’s a good idea to get to know with average car insurance rates before going to an insurer and filing a claim since it may help you to save significantly. Thus, we would like to provide you with some approximate costs in different states so that you could get some initial information about rates in this sphere.

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Over the last several years, rates have increased dramatically that resulted in 12 million accidents. Nowadays the average premium per month amounts to $1,500. This sum is calculated due to the average auto insurance rates between those states that require the highest rates and those that are charged less. Here are they!

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As a rule, the more populated the city is, the more chances of getting into an accident all citizens have. For this reason, big cities have tendencies to increase car insurance rates. Another cause for this is intoxication and so Las Vegas is considered to be the one that struggles with this problem all the time. As for the states, they are the following:

  • Louisiana - $2,700. Most people will never guess how this state could be atop of this rating since the last years showed a big increase of bodily injuries and claims because of them. As a result, citizens of the pelican state had to pay more in order to be insured.
  • Michigan - $2,500. It was a great surprise that Michigan residents are charged more than Californians, but that’s the truth. What’s more, Detroit is known as the most expensive city in the whole country to insure a vehicle rates here may exceed the rate of 165%. The reason is besiege of bodily injury claims and that is in addition to the fact that about 50% of all citizens are not insured at all. Therefore, drivers have to pay huge sums themselves to repair someone’s car or cover medical costs.
  • Georgia - $2,150. There is no secret that citizens of Atlanta have one of the longest commutes in the country; thus, they have to spend more hours in their cars that definitely lead to more accidents and higher premiums.
  • Oklahoma -$2,080. Though there are lots of rural areas, the state still suffers from a great number of claims for bodily injury.
  • Washington -$2,000. Again, this state is in this list because of injury lawyers and a fair share of car accidents.


States with the Lowest Car Rates

States with the lowest level of population density and vehicle crimes provide the best rates.

  • Maine - $935. The state can be specified as the one with the most open roads and fewer car accidents. Some companies with minimal rates offer profitable liability policies with $35 payment per month.
  • Iowa - $1,030. This rural state is famous for its corn, massive fairs, and friendliness. It seems that people are calmer and just know how to drive carefully.
  • North Carolina - $1,090. The state is loved by many people as it features one of the least house and car insurance rates.
  • Ohio - $1,100. Ohio is the home for many big and widespread insurance companies such as Progressive, that’s why that is the rivalry which determines moderate rates.
  • New Hampshire - $1,110. Reminding of Maine, the state has lots of open roads and also less cars on them on the whole. The most profitable deals reach up to $100 per one month.

How to Reduce Car Insurance Rates in Any State?

This question bothers many drivers as some sums of money for rates and premiums seem too high to be payed monthly. First of all, you should maintain your driving record. This way, you will be surprised to pay less as well get a chance to count on some profitable discounts. They may vary from state to state or from one insurance provider to another, but most of them will be the same – special offers for good students, experienced drivers, the lack of accidents or tickets, etc.

Another tip here is to buy a car or such a model/make that doesn’t require big rates or is stolen less often. These models like Volvo are good variants for sure. What’s more, some insurers appreciate eco-friendly cars such as Prius, what has become a new tendency or even a kind of boost – a profitable one, by the way.

A good piece of advice is to shop around and compare costs at the websites of difference insurers. Just some resistance and digging – and the best rates are yours. For this, receive at least 5 quotes to decide on the one that you can afford without difficulties. What’s more, you can always change the main driver in your insurance to get smaller rates. For instance, if you bought a new car for your daughter or son who is still under 26 years, get yourself added to the insurance. In this case, you will save big sums of money, while your inexperienced driver will get his experience.

These are just some of working methods to be charged less; still, the main determining factor is your state of residence. We hope that you are a lucky one and live in the state with low rates!

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