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Tips to Pay Less on Vehicle Insurance

To save your money by looking for tips to pay less on vehicle insurance is must-have solution for all drivers. Before this, don’t forget to get to know with the main types of vehicle insurance and coverages so that you could have this vision in your mind.

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So, here are some helpful pieces of advice for you which may help you in your search. It means you could choose the best way to save on your coverage, depending on your needs. That is why we offer you to check out our tips to pay less.

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  • Etch your VIN. This abbreviation means your vehicle identification number that is always provided on new cars. If you have not a new one, it’s better to etch it onto all windows. It will become a kind of protection against thieves since it will be very hard for them to sell out your car in parts. Besides, this VIN is considered in a federal database, allowing checking whether the car has been ever stolen. As a result, there won’t be any sense for insurers to offer special plans to protect a car from possible thefts. Here goes the discount! One of those companies that provide its clients with such a deal is Allstate.
  • Install a car alarm. According to Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, this measure can save you up to 30%. For instance, if you pay about $1,500 per month, you can count on almost $500 discount! The only important factor for you here is to install a passive car alarm. It turns on automatically when doors are closed – this feature is necessary in 12 states if the driver wants to apply for this discount. As for an active alarm, it activates only when the driver turn it on and so it won’t work that effective. Still, some companies offer a discount for it, maybe just not that big.
  • Buy a new car. Although not all the drivers are able to make it right away, we still should take this point into account. There are some cars like Dodge which are always expensive to insure. This way, it will be really cheaper for you to buy a new car. Another feature here is that ordinary cars may cost the same big sum of money since they are stolen more often. All you can do here is to open the list with the most frequently stolen models and makes.
  • Buy your own house. In conformity with CFA (Consumer Federation of America), insurers charge drivers, who don’t dispose of their own houses, with 47% higher rates for vehicle insurance. Of course, there is no sense in taking mortgage to pay less for your car policy, but you can consider it for your future plans. What’s more, insurance providers often render special discounts for homeowners as they seem more reliable for them.
  • Come out of 25 years old. According to stats, men who are turn 25 are offered with a profitable discount of 20%, while women get 12-15% ‒ that is also a good deal. It’s explained by the fact that younger drivers are more risky and aggressive, still, not having so much experience to make different tricks on the road.
  • Get married. CFA states that married people always get lower premiums – from 8% to 22% on average. It could save them from $100 to $275 per month! The reason for this lies in fact that insurers start to consider them less risky and more mature as they have decided to form a new social unit.
  • Become the military. Military always get special conditions and discounts as on car, so homeowners insurance. Besides, when you are away from your vehicle because of your work, most insurers offer to reduce premiums and even some types of coverage to save your money.
  • Change your job. At first glance, it may seem a strange cause, but in some cases it may save you up to 18% of your initial premium. The job is connected with insurance rates because of the following reasons: location, behavior, travel patterns, kind of occupation, etc. For instance, if you drive your car all day long as it’s your duty, you will pay big sums of money for your policy, while those who go to an office usually pay less. Talking about professions, here are those who pay high premiums: doctors, architects, lawyers, social workers, business owners, etc. While people from this list are charged less: pilots, nurses, actors, scientists, school teachers, and so on.
  • Move to a different state. You may know that some states are too populated or have specific features like weather collapses. For this reason, insurers must take it into account while providing their insurance policies. For example, Idaho citizens spend about $600 for their insurance, while people living in New Jersey have to pay about $1,300. Of course, you can’t look for the best state to live in because of your car insurance, but this information can save you a pretty penny if you are going to change the place because of a new work or college.
  • Graduate from college. According to stats from CFA, college graduators pay 45% less than those who are still studying. With $1,450 premiums, you can count on $700 savings.
  • Consumer may estimate financial strength of each insurer. Also there are some other indicators that say about reliability and attractiveness of each company or agent. Get insurance companies ratings to know what in the best insurer for you. Know more about deals from insurer in your local area or state, get a free quote by zip code.
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