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Vehicle Insurance Ratings

Nowadays many types of vehicle insurance coverage exist, but in order to determine the most common types, there is a place for vehicle insurance ratings. Also, this rating can be useful to those who have not decided yet what coverage do they really need. Each type performs a specific function to protect your vehicle. So, what are most common and popular types?

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The given rating of coverages is based exclusively on internal analyzes of the average level of premiums per year. Thus, the most common types of vehicle coverages are the following:

  • 1.Liability - $520
  • 2.Collision - $297
  • 3.Travel - $150
  • 4.Comprehensive - $140

Liability coverage

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The most common type of vehicle insurance is basic liability coverage. It is considered as the most popular because it is required by every state. Also, a huge demand for this type exist due to the fact that passengers often become victims of an accident on the road.

Thus, the driver bears some responsibility if he doesn’t park the car or turn off the engine. Alternatively, if the passenger is subsequently harmed by opening the door, it will be the driver's civil liability, which must compensate the damage received. Harm caused to a passenger is assessed in accordance with the situation.

Therefore, this type covers material and personal injuries caused to third parties, as well as a loss of income received as a result of this damage. Companies offer more or less the same benefits for liability protection for verious age groups who looks for insurance, but their premiums vary considerably depending on the driver's profile and vehicle type.

Collision coverage

The second place in the rating is occupied by collision coverage. Collision protection insures your car from physical damage caused by other vehicles, potholes or other inanimate objects, such as a mailbox, garage or pillar.

This type of protection will allow you to receive compensation for material damage to your vehicle after a disaster, regardless of whether you bear responsibility for the accident or not.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to mention that the coverage of collision damage is relatively limited. It does not apply to damage to goods and other items transported. Therefore, you should purchase the full package of services of this protection type in order to expand its coverage.

Travel coverage

This type occupies the third place in the rating of drivers’ consumption. This is due to the fact that traveling by car means freedom of movement, almost unlimited amount of luggage and most importantly the ability to change the route at any time.

Thus, travel coverage is designed for drivers who take their cars into other countries. Nevertheless, each host country has its own requirements. When traveling by car, you should check the protection coverage of your vehicle on time before your departure and get an international card i.e. Green Card. You should refer to your personal card to find out whether your insurance covers your car in the country of destination or not.

This card is also used when driving your own car abroad as evidence of sufficient protection of liability and guarantees security in the event of an insured event at least equal to the required coverage in the country of visit. Therefore, it is important to take into account all the subtleties in advance.

Comprehensive coverage

Last but not the least in the ratings is comprehensive coverage. It helps to replace or repair your vehicle if it was stolen or damaged in an incident. This coverage of vehicle risks provides protection of the car itself from a wide range of risks. Comprehensive coverage secures your vehicle in case of:

  • vandalism
  • fire
  • theft
  • occurrence of natural disasters
  • damage received by falling objects
  • harm caused by animals

Thus, there is a huge variety of coverages, so you should carefully choose the most appropriate variants for yourself. Moreover, this type provides compensation for all of the above types of damage, even if they were received due to gross negligence of the driver.

Every day the number of motorists on the roads increases. Therefore, consumers may choose ratings of insurance companies provide an opportunity to purchase a huge number of different types of protection. This rating of the most popular types of vehicle insurance will help you to freely choose the necessary type of coverage, compare several offers in order to save money and time.

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