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Vehicle Insurance Renewal

Renewal of your vehicle insurance is important if you don’t want to get into trouble as with your car, so yourself. Besides, car insurance policy is required and even obligatory in all states of America. For this reason, most insurers will provide you with phone call of just via e-mail if your expiration data will come soon. The only question that comes in your mind – is it the only decision in this case? We will answer it below.

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Nowadays all automated services are becoming highly appreciated, but will it really work is case of policy? Hardly! For instance, this year, you have come out of age and can officially count on a good discount as your experience also became bigger. If you decide on auto-renewal, you may not be informed of this option. Certainly, it depends on the vehicle insurance company and its fair or unfair policy, but it’s better to rely on you in such issues that refer to money. Also, don’t forget that you can shop around and find some really cute and profitable deals for a new insurance year!

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Nevertheless, reliable companies work in the following way – they inform you of all terms of auto-renewal: from the approaching expiration date to possible discounts and future rates. Thus, it may save your time. Just read your current policy to make sure of possible variants of auto-renewal or call your insurance provider for more details.

When Will They Inform Me?

It depends on the particular insurance provider, but in most cases it looks this way:

  • Be ready to receive it about a month before the expiration date. It will make you think when you should come to an office to renew your car insurance.
  • E-mail. It will be sent to you a week later if you don’t provide the insurer with your answer on the first letter. 
  • Phone call. One more week later, an insurer will contact you in order to make certain that you are still interested in his conditions and services on the whole.
  • That is the last warning for you that the expiration time is approaching.

It’s better to answer an insurer, of course, if you are satisfied by the services and want to continue this cooperation, as early as possible to avoid fees.

To Renew or Not to Renew Policy?

First of all, you should think of the current year – whether you are satisfied with this insurer, whether there are some better deals in the market, whether it’s time to ask for a discount, etc. Answer these questions right now in order to plan a future year. What’s more, if you have got into an accident that year and have provided a claim, make sure that the premium isn’t high than a new policy might cost itself. In some cases, it’s cheaper to turn to another insurance company than to renew an old plan. That is actually one of the most important questions that you should think of thoroughly. Spend some time on checking other services and get quotes from some of them. It’s better to waste your time now than to waste your money the next year.

To add to it, a new year is a good reason for estimating all coverages of your past policy. Are you sure that you need collision or theft coverage? What if you have installed some alarm from theft and so the last coverage isn’t needed anymore? It may refer to many questions of this kind because so many things could change this year. Maybe your wife and you have used one car during a year, but now you are going to buy a separate car for your wife and get a separate policy for her as well. Therefore, just look through all conditions and coverages to find some extra that don’t make sense for you anymore.


Tips on Solving Problems before and after the Renewal Dates

If you want to change the insurer before the renewal date, be ready that you have to pay some fee and also cover the period you haven’t used or refund it. Find out average rates on vehicle insurance to estimate how much it would cost.

If you would like to change an insurer upon an expiration date, contact a company to cancel an auto-renewal and explain you reasons for changing the provider. It doesn’t usually provoke problems since all insurers are ready to this case of affairs and can only offer you some good conditions, deals or discounts in order to attract you once again. Note that when you switch the policy, you should check whether you don’t have any gaps to cover.

You have 14 days to find a new insurer upon expiration. If you decide to cancel the policy after it has been renewed automatically, you will be charged a fee, but it won’t be too big though. So, just don’t wait for long; otherwise, the sum may increase dramatically. Compare insurance companies ratings to know financial possibilities of your future insurer.

If you have noticed that your premiums for a renewed insurance have grown significantly, it can be cheaper for you to cancel it, pay some fees, and switch a provider than to overpay during the whole year. Make sure that you compare premiums with the same coverage levels.

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